zaterdag 10 juli 2010


This evening : The storm was coming!

In 1953 there was a big storm in Holland with a big flood.You know that we live below sea level..? Well then the dikes where not so good in that time and the sea brook trough the dikes. Our house in that time was standing whole under the sea water. Many people died that time.

It always intrigued me that catastrophe. We see in our house still the signs of it. The salt from the sea is still in our walls and its coming out in white flakes.

When I see a flood in Holland ( there still some little flood sometimes) on television I always wonder how people do that ..just stay calm and doing what possible is.

But now this evening I have my first mini flood. It was terrible weather and I enjoyd so much the rain and storm...I love autumn and it seems like autumn this evening. So I was happy. F. was outside looking of everything go's well with the new building..
But something was wrong and he was trying to fix it! Than he came in and said : Everything go's wrong. I can 't do anything!

That was the moment that my heart was going really fast...I looked outside and I know that I have to go outside helping to spoon all the water before our new the frontdoor. So I get outside in the storm ,rain and thunder in my summerdress and we both get really dirty and wet but we did what we had to do. And I could not help myself but I had to think off that horrible cold evening in 1953.

It was good to do and after 1 houre we take a warm shower and dry clothes and I looked back on a mini flood ...and that I did what I had to do.
Just that simple.

And it keeps me simple...
I thank God for a warm shower and a dry house...many people dont have this. I will pray for then tonight!

Hope that you in Holland survived this terrible weather!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. wat een avontuur, zeg... ik begrijp je hartenklop.. goed dat jullie het aanstormende gevaar konden 'indijken'...

  2. wat een strom he!
    Och man wat spannend na alle zweet die er in gestopt is, geen schade hoop ik ??

  3. your photos are beautiful! I love reading your blog and I would LOVE to visit holland one day.