woensdag 21 juli 2010

Corner view: Me


I have very little hands and feets specially when I hold them beside the hands of F.

I love to eat and to cook.

I hate injustice.

I love autumn and good winters!

I have a gift to sleep.When I'm tired I can sleep every where and any time. When F. is breaking walls beside me..I sleep very well.

I love to decorate my house with old ,lived stuff.

I love to live outside but sometimes I wish to live in a city!

I'm learning now to make a decisions..it's hard for me.

I love and hate my work..but I feld in love again with my last photo series

Do you want to see more of my job? Look at my website: www.cora.exto.nl

(I love to hear from you)

That is me...

14 opmerkingen:

  1. i swear that picture has a vermeer quality!
    way to go, girl!
    nice to meet you again.

  2. Your words show you are a very delightful person! Thanks for sharing some of yourself with us. I wish I had your gift of sleep. Keep learning how to make decisions--it is something probably all of us need to improve on--definitely me.

  3. great words, great shot, lovely post!

  4. So simple and so complicated. Nice to meet you.
    I nearly can sleep everywhere too...mostly if it is moving...

  5. so nice to read more about you:) now i´m curious to see what you do:) hugs dear merel.

  6. i love to eat and to cook too!!!
    i am going to see more about your work:)

  7. So sympathic! I am also bad in making decisions, but I am bad in falling asleep as well! Trying to learn both! ;o))

  8. nice post!
    we have some things in common!

  9. ik ben ook nooit zo goed in beslissingen maken, want wat laat je liggen als je een bepaalde kant opgaat? lastig... enne... het lijkt me heerlijk als je overal doorheen kunt slapen, klinkt heeeel aantrekkelijk! groetjes Hinke

  10. i think your photo completes your description of you...well done!

  11. I like your new banner SO much!

    I have a hard time making decisions too, whether they are little or big ones. I also have a difficult time sticking with my decisions. It is so hard to choose one way or the other.

    I love learning more about you and I can't wait to see your job site, which is where I'm going now!

    Sweet weekend to you. xo!