zondag 31 januari 2010

Colours of our garden

This morning I see different colours in our garden. I want to show you our colours, because its make me happy. I hope you like it.

zaterdag 30 januari 2010

After 2 rainy days, I wake up this morning and go downstairs. There I see a beautiful sunbeam on the stairs. I love to see the sun, so I opend my curtains and wow the snow was falling this night. The garden melts together with our vieuw. Its great to see such garden vieuw, I fell myself a great landlord if I see this. Even our chickens love it today. They stay the hole day out!

I hope that tomorrow a lots of snow will fall down.

O happy day ...

The weather was cold and I enjoying every moment of the day. It was a spoil time day. I had all the time of the world. With the coal stove on and the snow outside, with a lot of magazines and food I can stay the hole day in.
Even when I was outside to go shopping for the weekend in the supermarket I enjoy that moment. I was shopping with my girlfriend nex door and we discuss a lot of things. We looking together in nice food magazines and we make each other crazy with all these nice recipes.
It was a friendly day. In the evening my girlfriend from next village came over and we watch the movie: As it is in heaven!
Again! Its not boring for me. I can watch movies for 13 times.
What a lovely day again!
I wish you all a great weekend!

vrijdag 29 januari 2010

Wellness center

My little house was today a little wellness center. First my husband take a nice foodbad. Than in the evening I make a decision to go run outside. When I walk out of my house I see that outside the road was frozen and slippery , so when I'm almost fall down I turn to my house and start to run in our garage. After that I take a shower and spoiled myself with a very nice movie : As it is in heaven! Great movie. Great evening. I feel myself luxury.
I love this things.
Home alone is sometimes very good.

donderdag 28 januari 2010

Wild things

I discoverd my wild thing...
Going to the movie with A.

My lady....

While I was making this I couldn´t stop listening to my new cd from Regina Spektor.
It was a lovely evening. Will be continue......tomorrow will never dies! Sleep well.

maandag 25 januari 2010

Sheep founds rest.

When everything is like a spinning world, I go lay down on the floor and set myself and the world still. As a sheep laying down by the shepherd. I love to do this.

The day of the goose.

Posted by PicasaSome friend called us...
"Do you want a goose?"
My love make the goose ready to eat...but I just can't eat a goose. When I see the bullet stuck in the meat, I decide no more goose for me. I'm sorry darling. You did a good job, but for me no lovely goose. And yes I feel myself a little bit quilty...but now I now that meat from the wild is nothing for me. I've try 3,4 times to eat wild meat but every time I cant eat it. So this was the last time for me...from now on just vegetarian food...maybe.

vrijdag 22 januari 2010

donderdag 21 januari 2010

I just discoverd that i can make things with only my fingers. It was a lovely evening.
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Mina Perhonen

Love it, love it,love it....

(pictures from the site of mina perhonen)

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