vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Coffee or thea?

Today I started with my new job. Its a volunteering job. I have the time to do it and I;m glad that I can do it. I never thought that I will love it so much. I work 1 day in the week now by the old people's home in our village. I make thea or coffee for them and I can give them the attention that they so need. And it was so great to do that. To make jokes with the old man and woman. To be nice to them and to lay my hand on there arm. I was called this day : Nurse. And it means so much for me...

I was so glad when I get home..(I was a little bit nervous this morning or everything will go allright today) that I deside to celebrate this start.

So I made a very nice pie from gooseberries with foam cake on the top...mmmhhh. It was yummie.

And I feld myself so hommy trough the old people that I'm in a very Holland mood now! So the first pictures are made the last days and hear there by this day.
For the fly was it also a little party..I let him en enjoyd of him TODAY!

Hope you had also a good day!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. My daughter and I volunteered for a few years at the local old folks' home. We delivered mail to the residents, often reading it to them if they couldn't do it themselves.

    My daughter now volunteers at the library and I just take care of my two grandmums.

    I'm so glad that you like this volunteer job. :)

  2. ja zuster, nee zuster..
    mag ik een koffie (no need to tell you ;) met een groot stuk goosberrypie?

  3. that's so wonderful that you are doing that!!!

    PS: i would love to have a piece of that cake!

  4. O wow, what a good thing to do.Maybe my give away is something for you?
    And I like your photographs very much!

  5. i'm still finding your pictures have a Vermeer touch, you know?