donderdag 25 november 2010


This picture is favourite from F and a try out for the fotoshoot tomorrow!
First time at house is at the moment a giant chaos with all kinds of foto stuff..but we will have fun.

ps there is new work placed on

dinsdag 23 november 2010

Corner View: Taking a different perspective

Reading this theme I knew exactly what I want to show you.
When I was a little child I lay down on the floor or on my bed and stared to the ceiling.I discoverd that it will be wonderful when you can turn around you're world. So since then (in my childhood) when I lay down I always turned my view of the world in upside down. And fantasize how it is to live in that upside down world.
Now I'm growed up and I have enough on this world so I don't do it anymore but sometimes really sometimes I take a little look up side down..but thank God now I like this world more.
But for this time again a little look from the world around me upside down.
I think it will be difficult walking on our new floor..don't you think?

But it looks like a gozy world...dont you think. I have to say that I inspire myself right now ..I'm gonna do something with it in my work!

Hope you're world around you is also good!

donderdag 11 november 2010

Safe in the storm

Outside is a very old battle going on.. inside is it safe and warm. Thank you dear God! And I know who is gonna I'm gonna enjoy this nice feeling of safety and warm house.