dinsdag 14 december 2010

Corner view ..Tradition "oliebol"

This evening I did a very traditional dutch thing..I made "oliebollen" in englisch "dutch donut". Its a typical dutch candy from the 18th century that we eat and made on 31 dec. but you can buy the oliebol a couple days before in the shop. Today I saw in the supermarket lots and lots of package of the dutch donut dough and because I have last year big trouble to buy it(I was to late in the shops everthing was saled already)I bought 3 package and everthing I need for that..

And this evening ..(yes I know I'm a little bit early )I baked together with my girlfriend and neighbour next door 1 package of oliebollen!!

It was nice to talk to laugh to bake and to eat. She was going home with a couple oliebollen for her friend and there are just a couple left for my F. when he's coming home this evening.

I'm so thankful for this time of the year and the possibility to celebrate this time.
Thank you dear God for all the beauty that is left from Eden and for all the beauty that is to come.

Wishing you a time that is plentiful of goodnes.

maandag 13 december 2010


Memories of a perfect christmas evening this weekend. 10.000 candles, fire pits, candy and beautiful music and on the end firework! In a 16 century village..
Its the most wonderful time of the year.......