vrijdag 30 juli 2010


I´m in love with winter and autumn..and I think that I´m on my best that time. I also can love some summer things but I´m a real winter type. So it itches me already to prepare myself and our house for the long long cold winter. I love to make food ..like jam and vegetables on sour love and to buy a lot of winter stuff and so prepare myself. My clothes for the winter are coming out of the closet. I´m in love with a typical clothing. In the summer I try to be colourful and a little bit modern but now the time is coming that I can be totally myself. Even in clothes. So today I travel 4 houres to buy a new dress from that design ...And I´m happy with it. Now I can make new combinations with the clothes I already have. Yesterday I travel also a couple houres to get the pants from the same design. Swedish..of course what else.

So I cant wait to get on my dress....its a shame that I have to wait for a couple months.
But wishing you of course still a nice summer..
and I have something to look forward!

I´m so proud on my new dress that I just want to show them to you! Hope you didn´t mind!

I´m sorry for the weird faces..I was really tired!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Very remarkable style! I love it. It's something different from other bloggers and that's why I think it's fantastic.

    Your faces are funny, not weird :-)))

  2. You have some of THE BEST clothing. As you know, I'm a cold-weather girl too. :)

  3. Merel - I adore your choice of winter clothing - I only wish I could wear the same here. Hopefully this winter you'll continue to share what style you're wearing on the blog.

    I am missing the Corner View and so have decided to "visit" other CVers' blogs today. CV returns in September and I look forward to the new topics.