zondag 4 juli 2010

Boeuf Bourguignon Finally!

Since I´ve seen the movie Julie and Julia I dream of making Boeuf Bourguignon. In that time I couldn´t eat that because of my gallstones but now after the surgery I just had to wait till I had enough energy to make it...
Yesterday was that day!!!

It was a really fantastic day..I was so glad with doing shopping and cooking! And more important it was a really good taste!! We love it so much..and I was smiling from ear to ear! Yes I was really proud!!

Months ago I saw some antique tin forks and spoons I bought it for our new kitchen..But yesterday was for me the day to started to eat with this. It was funny to realize that many mouths have eating from that spoon.
Our friend/neighbour was alone that evening so he was eating with us and we had with the tree of us a very good meal and a good evening! Love food , love friends, love life ...

And of course our star :

Don't you love Julia Child?

Wishing you a very good sunday!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. merel, mag ik aanschuiven, please? het ziet er zo heerlijk uit. pssssssssssst.... heb je toch échte boter gebruikt??? :))
    leuk dat je de film ook leuk vond? nu ja, meryl streep dan...

  2. love the antique cutlery but that dish looks delicious. It's only 9 in the morning here and I'm lookg forward to dinner already. I'll have to try this one.
    I have't seen Julia and Julia. I will one day. I'm more inspired by Ratatouille because "anyone can cook" hehehe!!
    Happy Day to you.

  3. ahhh this looks so so yum! so hungry!

  4. één van mijn favoriete films. :)
    mooie foto's.

  5. One of my favorite dishes and, yes, I love Julia!

  6. this looks like it out of a cookbook. i´m glad you are feeling better! hugs!