woensdag 31 maart 2010

Corner view: Spring!

Hope you have a wonderfull spring!

donderdag 25 maart 2010

My treasure

My treasure found in the our garden...old pipes. Don't you love it? Yesterday F. digs in the garden and found in the clay this old pipe. We've found last year also another pipe and a tusk from a pig..hope that we found more and more.

maandag 22 maart 2010

This weekend

This weekend I was in the other side of our country. I'm living in the south and now I was with F. in the north. And because were living in a small country it's just a few houres driving. We've been there by the sister of F. She bought with her friend a bakery and they give a little "party" so that the both family's and friends can come and look how the bakery is. So it was a little reunion. I saw my little favourite nephew. He is named after my F. I see him just 2,3 times a year but still he is my favourite. If I see him I can't help I just want to make pictures of him I love him so much. Don't you love him? Isn't he a beauty? He is very special for me and F.

We stay by his sister till monday.We have walked in the forest and worked in the forrest. It was realy beautiful weather and we drink a little coke and eat apple pie in a lovely village you only have in the north.

It was good to be there!

Hope you had also a good weekend.

donderdag 18 maart 2010

Magic moment

This morning I had a magic moment. For the first time this year was it possible to open the garden doors. It was amazing! I was sitting in the son in my house and watch the garden.I feel myself so blessed. It was also the first time this year a hang the laundering outside. Love this time of the year! So many promises.

woensdag 17 maart 2010

Corner view: Front door

This week is the Corner View theme Front Door...

But we living in a little house that has to be renovate. So oure front door is not a thing that you wanna show on a picture.
But I want to show you a detail from oure front door..

We have no door handle so we use a plaid trough the hole in the door. All the people they come for the first time they are always searching for the door handle and look really funny when they have to pull on the plaid. It's something like out of a farytaile...pull on the rope and the door will get open. But here in the house is no wolf dressed as Merel.

Have a nice Corner view day!

maandag 15 maart 2010

Astrid Lindgren

"There is nowhere standing in the law of Moses that old woman can not climb in trees"
Calls Astrid Lindgren to the journalists on the floor. Together with Elsa Olenius is she climb in a pine to celebrate the 80's birthday of a friend!

Don't you love it! I bought a book about the life of Astrid Lindgren this weekend. Now I'm sick so I have time to read it and to watch it. When I came on this page I thougt: I have to show this on my blog it's such a inspiration...Pipi can live in us all.

When I get old I want to be like this woman..full of live and a little bit mad!

Hope you enjoy this just much as I've done.

vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Anna's home

This evening I go to Anna. I go and sleep for 1 night in her lovely home. First she lives far far away in the high north. Now she's moved and we see each other so much more now. I love that. If I don't see her for a week I'm gonna miss her. We've been friends for now 12 years and I love her and oure friendship more and more. So tonight I'm gonna see her again and we going to play with pens, paint and food. I'm really looking forward...except.....

Anna's home is high in the sky. And they have no elevator. So when I want to see her I have to go to sport...she's laughs about it and runs on the stairs, but for me its a hard job. Speciale for 1 night. If I stay longer my legs get used off it, but now it will be only hard!

But I've found a solution:

So as you can see for every problem is a solution. Love to have that kinds of legs. But than I will have a new problem: What kind of tights do I have to where than?

Still dreaming.

I will ask you : If you have a other creative solution please send me!? Than I will make a little book with all kinds of problems and solutions and of course you get to see that on my blog!

First I go to my friend and I will enjoy every moment! Have a nice weekend.

woensdag 10 maart 2010

Corner view: Miniature worlds

My favorite miniature worlds: Alice in wonderland.
I have a view master and I love to look in it. I have found a old Alice in Wonderland slideshow and I love to look at. Don't you think it will be wonderful if under the grass in our garden a little world will be?

I believe in a new wonderland world...and I love to dream about it.

Hope I will meet you in my new big world. The new world is only to enter when your are like a child. Love that...being like a child.

Hope you have something to dream about.

zondag 7 maart 2010


We went to a classic music concert yesterday. It was magic. It was so beautiful that sometimes I was afraid to listen, because it seems when you listen to hard that the music will disappear. It was a adventure in a box. It was a new and great building. A box in a box so do they call the building. I enjoy every moment. I will show you a little piece of the concert..

After this music adventure we get hungry and when we drive at home(it was 1,5 houre) We stopt and go to the Mc. Donalds. The big M. It was hysterical to eat this bad food after a chic concert. And when I see today the picture of my bread I was in shock. It looks really from plastic. Have I realy eat that? Amazing!

But I'm still alive and love to go back. Hope you had a nice weekend.
Have a good week.

zaterdag 6 maart 2010

Rotterdam bzzzz

Ysterday I was with Anna in Rotterdam. It was a very nice day. Lots of joy. We found a little bee in the newyorker pizza ...He loves us and we love him. Don't you think he is charming?
We see him back when the summer is come. Till then little bee...

vrijdag 5 maart 2010

A day of extreme.

Yesterday I went to the city. I had a lovely afternoon. Lots and lots of inspiration. My head was rolling of from all the things I saw and feld. I almost can't get home because the last bus to my village go 7 o'clock and that bus I miss.But another bus from another town go also to my village and I have to make a race against the clock other wise I have miss that bus to and then I had a problem..but I did it and I'm home now.

In the late evening F. came home from his job and we decided to cut the chickens. Because there where sleepy now and dont make so much noice. It was nice to get from the city to the real landlife. That's what I love about this place.In the afternoon there was a lots of colours, patterns, noice and moving. And in the evening I'm back in the rest and on my little land. I love that extreme. This morning I wake up and saw the chickens ...out of there sty. It didn't work. We have to do it again this evening. So 1-0 to the chickens. Hope they have fun today.

woensdag 3 maart 2010

Corner view : Coffee companion?

I dont drink coffee but F. he drinks lots of coffee.
So after 12 years together he knows he has to drink alone. He has tried many times to let me drink coffee..but without result. Now after 12 years he has found his coffee companion. He's making a scarry face in the mirror of the coffee-pot and now he has someone to drink with...
Enjoy your coffee!

maandag 1 maart 2010

Spring party.

This morning I wake up and see the son shine... We go outside and sitting on our stairs. F. drink a cup of coffee outside. Sitting in de sun dreaming of the coming summer. And the chicken around us.

Our chickens has to be to the barber. My F. cut the wings normality so that they can not fly out there sty. Unfortunately it is a little bit to late because they walk free and happy. For them it is a party. So on the little movie you see a little chicken party.. I hope you can have also fun while watching the party and smelling the summer. Have a nice evening!