vrijdag 30 juli 2010


I´m in love with winter and autumn..and I think that I´m on my best that time. I also can love some summer things but I´m a real winter type. So it itches me already to prepare myself and our house for the long long cold winter. I love to make food ..like jam and vegetables on sour love and to buy a lot of winter stuff and so prepare myself. My clothes for the winter are coming out of the closet. I´m in love with a typical clothing. In the summer I try to be colourful and a little bit modern but now the time is coming that I can be totally myself. Even in clothes. So today I travel 4 houres to buy a new dress from that design ...And I´m happy with it. Now I can make new combinations with the clothes I already have. Yesterday I travel also a couple houres to get the pants from the same design. Swedish..of course what else.

So I cant wait to get on my dress....its a shame that I have to wait for a couple months.
But wishing you of course still a nice summer..
and I have something to look forward!

I´m so proud on my new dress that I just want to show them to you! Hope you didn´t mind!

I´m sorry for the weird faces..I was really tired!

donderdag 29 juli 2010


We swim,
we laughed,
we make fire,
We had a really good evening!

maandag 26 juli 2010

Second hand

I love to search and to sniff in second hands shops. Today I had a good day..sometimes you come home with 1 great thing..Today it was a little bit more. I was with the bus so I have to walk very fast to get on time for the bus..I was struggle with the bags and it was a little bit more heavy than I thougt but it was it all worth..here the best of the treasure:

1 Two very beautiful old baking scales from pottery.

2 A old 728 pages basics french cook book written in dutch. With everything in it. How to kill a rabbit and that kind of things. Very happy with it. With pictures in black and white and some colours!

3 A big bowl.

4 A cast iron thealight

So I had a good day and the second hand shop also.

Hope you had a good day!

zondag 25 juli 2010

Its a miracle!

After a long, long time of rest I worked again this evening!!! I´m so very happy.
I struggle a lot with my job. To be a artist is for me a lonely craft and that is not good for me all the time. So in the beginning of 2010 a decided to have a break off my work to think and let it all go. Now it is coming back..and that is a little miracle. I worked this evening and I liked it very much I was really happy and I have again a lot of inspiration...Thank God!

So here are some pictures from this working evening...what do you think?? Tell me..

From Holland with love wishing you a good night!!

vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Coffee or thea?

Today I started with my new job. Its a volunteering job. I have the time to do it and I;m glad that I can do it. I never thought that I will love it so much. I work 1 day in the week now by the old people's home in our village. I make thea or coffee for them and I can give them the attention that they so need. And it was so great to do that. To make jokes with the old man and woman. To be nice to them and to lay my hand on there arm. I was called this day : Nurse. And it means so much for me...

I was so glad when I get home..(I was a little bit nervous this morning or everything will go allright today) that I deside to celebrate this start.

So I made a very nice pie from gooseberries with foam cake on the top...mmmhhh. It was yummie.

And I feld myself so hommy trough the old people that I'm in a very Holland mood now! So the first pictures are made the last days and hear there by this day.
For the fly was it also a little party..I let him en enjoyd of him TODAY!

Hope you had also a good day!

woensdag 21 juli 2010

Corner view: Me


I have very little hands and feets specially when I hold them beside the hands of F.

I love to eat and to cook.

I hate injustice.

I love autumn and good winters!

I have a gift to sleep.When I'm tired I can sleep every where and any time. When F. is breaking walls beside me..I sleep very well.

I love to decorate my house with old ,lived stuff.

I love to live outside but sometimes I wish to live in a city!

I'm learning now to make a decisions..it's hard for me.

I love and hate my work..but I feld in love again with my last photo series

Do you want to see more of my job? Look at my website: www.cora.exto.nl

(I love to hear from you)

That is me...

maandag 19 juli 2010

Weekend 1

We celebrate this weekend with friends and family!