woensdag 30 juni 2010

Corner View: Summer

What I love about summer:
I love to watch planes go by and I dreamed of who is in that plane and where is the plane going to. I'll do this since I was a child.

I love to read outside and have all the time of the world. I love how the wind is playing with my pages.

I love the sunshine trough leafs and how the sun trough that leafs is playing with shadows on me and everything around me.

I love to stare in the space and dreaming of all kind of things. With the sun on my skin of course!

I love the summer sky with the summer clouds..they have something very special dont you think?

This morning I feld myself a little bit sad. I'm most of the time still to tired to live the summer life and I sleep a lot. Just as it is right now. But the weather is so beautiful ...grr. I wish I can go on my bike..but I cant and I have to accept that. Luckly I have a great place to stay. I cant complane... I will have a very slowly start of my summer...Its oke. I will live with it. But when I be better ooooooo boy ...Till then: Let the summer party begin and hold on till I be there! Have a nice nice summer!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. hey merel, ik vind dat jij de beste foto's maakt. intimistisch. erg, erg sfeervol. and i like your summer feelings too! slow start to summer seems just the thing!

  2. love your sweet photos...i know how you feel....when it comes to tired, after my 7th baby 1/2 yrs ago and 48th birthday this month, i'm very slow these days too....but my hubby just got a new bike for me...now to find some time to ride it...i will say a little prayer for you when i ride :):)

  3. wat een heerlijk windje, ik kom hem snel vangen! Deze plaatjes maken het wel heel verleidelijk :)

  4. Yes, an end of summer party will be great - you'll be ready to ride your bicycle again. :>) I love these pictures you took - especially looking past the pages of the book. If nothing else, summer can mean laying on a lounge outside enjoying the fresh air. Cheers ~

  5. I love watching planes, too - it always seems like they're going to such exciting places. Maybe sometimes they're traveling between your country and mine. And your photograph of wind turning the pages of a book is so beautiful that it makes me want to sit outside and read. (What book is it?)

    Hope you will feel better soon and enjoy the summer even more.

  6. i love the summer skies too and reading during summer.
    lovely photos.

  7. Such sweet thoughts (and photos!) of summer.

  8. i love your summer photos! i especially love the one with the book pages :)