dinsdag 1 juni 2010

Corner view: From where I'm sitting

Again I will tell you something about Romania.I had already thought about sharing this pictures but now I think I can do this because the theme.

Its not really where I'm sitting now but where I have sitting in my second home country. I have told you about it.
During to prepare the journey I collect mony for the people there. Many people had given this last journey so I did many different things with it. I worked there with a friend who is pastor in Iasi (the North of Romania)he knows a lot of people who needs help.( but I think almost everybody needs help there)
So in december last year we bought a lot of food in Romania and make foodpackages.
On a day we go to a village very early in the morning and stay there the hole day till late in the evening by differents familys to listen to them to comfort them and to give all the family's the foodpackages and the childeren some toys.I have to tell you it was the best christmas I ever had! And if I may choose I just want to do nothing else than go to these people and doing good to them who needs that so much.
This people are spat through every body and the world is not looking at them because the rich countrys have nothing to profit there.
But I;m glad I can do something and luckely many people with me...Every smile you can make on somebody's face is just a little bit from heaven you give.They never can take that smile away!

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  1. That was such a wonderful thing to do. It adds even more meaning to this amazing journey!

  2. Merel, this is amazing! I was born in Romania many years ago, but now reside in the United States. I visit every so often, but have never seen such poverty as you show in your photos. I haven't been to Iasi though, but I did hear about that part of the country not doing as well as the rest.


  3. I know that Romania is quite poor and has had a bad history with this dictator.
    But I wonder why the people are in such a terrible need. Is it everybody?
    In my neighborhood here in Germany there lives a man from Romania. He takes used cloth and such when he goes there and brings back good wine, nice cakes and so on.
    Is there help for selfhelp for the basics like food?
    Not that I mind giving, please understand. But people relying on donation might need those always????
    So often I wonder.

  4. you have a good soul! and i like your pictures, did i say that before? :)

  5. Thanks for you're "humanity" Merel... Have a very nice we ! And i love you're new foto !!!!