zondag 13 juni 2010

I´m off

I´m ready for my hospitalization. I have bought slipper, night-shirt, a little present for myself (I will open this when I'm awake from the drug) and have a lot of books en films from the libary borrowed. I have no idea how long I have to stay. Its depending from different things.
How fast will the wound get healt and that kind of things.
So I dont know when I be back..

In the mean time wishing you a very good week and see you later.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Succes, of wat zeg je dan. Ik hoop dat het allemaal meevalt. Als je wakker wordt, word je alvast heel blij van je slippers!

    tot snel!

  2. hope you get healthy fast and come back sooner

  3. i hope every thing will go smoothly and that you recover quickly.
    warm thoughts

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry that I didn't make it here a few days sooner to wish you a safe operation and quick recuperation.

    Every female older than me in the maternal side of my family has had her gallbladder removed, so I suspect that I may have it done one day as well. My mom recovered so quickly. I hope that you do too.

    Much love and good wishes your way. xoxoxo

  5. get better soon, yeah? it will be okay, no doubt. and you seem to go prepared. it's the best remedy. optimism and a plan. :)