maandag 22 maart 2010

This weekend

This weekend I was in the other side of our country. I'm living in the south and now I was with F. in the north. And because were living in a small country it's just a few houres driving. We've been there by the sister of F. She bought with her friend a bakery and they give a little "party" so that the both family's and friends can come and look how the bakery is. So it was a little reunion. I saw my little favourite nephew. He is named after my F. I see him just 2,3 times a year but still he is my favourite. If I see him I can't help I just want to make pictures of him I love him so much. Don't you love him? Isn't he a beauty? He is very special for me and F.

We stay by his sister till monday.We have walked in the forest and worked in the forrest. It was realy beautiful weather and we drink a little coke and eat apple pie in a lovely village you only have in the north.

It was good to be there!

Hope you had also a good weekend.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Klinkt heerlijk meid! (en niet nar het noorden verhuizen nu ik eindelijk jullie kant ben uitgekomen he :p), wat wordt F no. II al een mooi knulletje!

  2. Such a beautiful light o the first and last photo!
    wishing you a lovely week:)

  3. I love the photos. The stool is really cool.

    I am glad that you had such a good weekend. Also? Apple pie sounds really tasty right now.