vrijdag 12 maart 2010

Anna's home

This evening I go to Anna. I go and sleep for 1 night in her lovely home. First she lives far far away in the high north. Now she's moved and we see each other so much more now. I love that. If I don't see her for a week I'm gonna miss her. We've been friends for now 12 years and I love her and oure friendship more and more. So tonight I'm gonna see her again and we going to play with pens, paint and food. I'm really looking forward...except.....

Anna's home is high in the sky. And they have no elevator. So when I want to see her I have to go to sport...she's laughs about it and runs on the stairs, but for me its a hard job. Speciale for 1 night. If I stay longer my legs get used off it, but now it will be only hard!

But I've found a solution:

So as you can see for every problem is a solution. Love to have that kinds of legs. But than I will have a new problem: What kind of tights do I have to where than?

Still dreaming.

I will ask you : If you have a other creative solution please send me!? Than I will make a little book with all kinds of problems and solutions and of course you get to see that on my blog!

First I go to my friend and I will enjoy every moment! Have a nice weekend.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Heh, I am wondering how you fared with your visit. I like the springy legs. :)

  2. Goede oplossing, dat zouden ze toch eens moeten uitvinden, die trappen zijn echt een kriem, haha!