vrijdag 5 maart 2010

A day of extreme.

Yesterday I went to the city. I had a lovely afternoon. Lots and lots of inspiration. My head was rolling of from all the things I saw and feld. I almost can't get home because the last bus to my village go 7 o'clock and that bus I miss.But another bus from another town go also to my village and I have to make a race against the clock other wise I have miss that bus to and then I had a problem..but I did it and I'm home now.

In the late evening F. came home from his job and we decided to cut the chickens. Because there where sleepy now and dont make so much noice. It was nice to get from the city to the real landlife. That's what I love about this place.In the afternoon there was a lots of colours, patterns, noice and moving. And in the evening I'm back in the rest and on my little land. I love that extreme. This morning I wake up and saw the chickens ...out of there sty. It didn't work. We have to do it again this evening. So 1-0 to the chickens. Hope they have fun today.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. tja dit ben jij he.. stadschickie en boerinnetje :) De foto's zijn super, vooral die eerste!x

  2. wij gingen ook kippenknippen
    allemaal, toen ze op stok zaten.
    maar de haan niet. we zijn een beeetje bang voor m.
    zonder reden overigens maar toch