zondag 7 maart 2010


We went to a classic music concert yesterday. It was magic. It was so beautiful that sometimes I was afraid to listen, because it seems when you listen to hard that the music will disappear. It was a adventure in a box. It was a new and great building. A box in a box so do they call the building. I enjoy every moment. I will show you a little piece of the concert..

After this music adventure we get hungry and when we drive at home(it was 1,5 houre) We stopt and go to the Mc. Donalds. The big M. It was hysterical to eat this bad food after a chic concert. And when I see today the picture of my bread I was in shock. It looks really from plastic. Have I realy eat that? Amazing!

But I'm still alive and love to go back. Hope you had a nice weekend.
Have a good week.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. wat gaaaf! dus het was voor herhaling vatbaar..een nieuw terrein om te ontdekken! x

  2. I grew up eating lots of food from McDonald's, but now? It's a last resort. :) You are so right about its appearance, almost like children's pretend food for playing house.