maandag 17 mei 2010


Today I was in Sydney!!! The weather was great and I had a good time on the beach and I watch the Sydney opera house! It is beautiful do you know that?! I love architecture..look together with me


I walked around and do some shopping things and drive in my one cabriolet..can you see him standing on the picture! I love my car!!(it's that green one)

But ..whoops when I look very good on the picture I see something too?

But it was so real!!!

I will be back!! I'm so very curious how the rest of the world looks like. I will visit them in the next months! I promise I let you know when I be back from the trip! And I show you what I saw!! Deal? I travel and show you the can stay at home this summer. Nice cheap..

Have a lovely day you all!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. :D :D :D de wereld ligt aan je voeten!

  2. Heerlijk! Geen wachttijden op het vliegveld, geen aswolk, geen jetleg, ha ha ha, erg leuk!!! Ik dacht bijna dat jullie er écht zaten - en ja, eigenlijk zat je er ook, toch?!

  3. Oh hi, chickens! :)

    This was fun and a very good idea, like a mental vacation. I look forward to your next trip!

  4. hahaha! you make me smile! that is a great and cheap way to travel!
    and I love the chicks!