maandag 24 mei 2010

Shop time!!

I live nearly close by Rosada factory outlet but I never been there because I thought that it was nothing for me. But I changed my mind..There are 2 shops I really like. I bought this wonderfull hat and a vest. And ooo it was really hot outside but...I was so glad with my new hat that I didn't care. I'm proud of it!
Hope you had a good weekend..

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Helabas you live dan very dichtbij me!!

    Rosada is vreselijk en heerlijk tegelijk ;-)
    En je kan lekkere soep eten bij dat ene lunchtentje.

  2. en je hoed en vest zijn berebest!

  3. The coloring in these photos is very cool. It reminds me of shots from the 1970s.

    I like your hat and vest.

    It is so hot here today too. While we have wonderfully frigid winters (my favorite season), the summers are so humid and miserable. I'll take frozen lakes and bitter winds any day!

  4. Lucky girl:) echt heel mooi.. Spreek je snel!