donderdag 13 mei 2010

1 night vacation in Brugge!

Unexpectedly 1 night in Belgium!! Love Belgium! Love Brugge. It´s a really amazing city. With a lot of chocolate! We had a great time. I can recommend heartily.
In the night we looking for a bed and breakfast and we found one. It was not so beautiful but we laughing a lot about it. To tell the truth is was a terrible place but the bed was nice and we slept well! So we go back!! Thanks Belgium for this wonderfull day!

Chocolate any one?

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I think that when staying overnight somewhere, a good bed is the most important thing! This sounds like a nice mini-vacation. I am always amazed by buildings on the water, like in the second photo.

  2. Chocolate bricks on the shelf? Yum. Sometimes a one night "vacation" is just the right amount.

  3. Beautiful city. I love Belgium; I studied art over there for 4 years.
    Good that they wrote "blauw" on the walls... just in case you would miss that ;-)

  4. ik zie nou pas dat het chocolade is, dat maakt het nog beter :)

  5. Ik ben ook in Brugge deze week-end ! ;-)))