dinsdag 2 februari 2010

Stay inwardly

Today it was storm and rain! I love this weather! Because inside is it warm en nice! We where free today and we stay the hole day in. We even orderd some food so it was a really lazy day today. But ...tomorrow I'm gonna face the weather because I'm going to the biggest vintage clothes shop in the area. I'm going on my bicycle trough the storm and the rain. Looking forward. Maybe I think totally different about it when I'm sitting on my bike tomorrow for 1 our. But now I love to think about it, and I go for a nice dress. Hope you had a nice day!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. lekker knus!!
    Houden wij van sporten? neuj voor een jurkje? jaaa ;)(kon je filmpje trouwens niet openen :( )

  2. totally understand you! i love the cold and the storm too. not that i have it here, but i still like it when i get the chance.

    somehow it is just easier to love it when you don't "have to" face it. to go for a walk in the snow and the rain is the best, but to have to transport yourself from a to b in that same weather is not always cool :)

  3. ps: are those photos from your house? looks really awesome!

  4. T: Yep they are from my house. Its true; thinking about it is a lot easier than doing it. But today I wake up and the sun is shinning...so there go's my good intention. But love the sunshine also..so no problem today!
    Have a good day!
    A: Ja voor een jurkje doen we veel!!