zondag 14 februari 2010

Old times

The laptop is broken and needs to go to the laptop doctor, but I'm totally addicted to internet so there was no choice then to go back on my knees and ask to my very old computer of he wants to help me. Well he wants..and when the computer put on, he shows me some great old pictures. It was a little party to see all that pictures.

Today i'm longing to the summer and when I see this picture o I cant wait anymore.
But I have. In the summer is it tradition for us to make real hungary goulash soup. Most of the time together with friends and we make than a long summer night in our backyard with a little fire to keep us warm. We make the soup on the traditional way. Some friends from Romania and Hungary learn us how to make. So ones in 3 weeks we eat this lovely soup and I looking forward to make this again. We love Romania and Hungary. When we eat this we feel ourselves realy at home. A little bit of that lovely culture in Holland. So thats why I want so share this picture with you than it seems that we have made Goulash soup this evening. And I fell good this night!

Summer you will come!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love winter, but I am kind of longing to take a walk where my layers of clothing don't weigh as much as I do!

    I hope your laptop is fixed soon. One of my computers died recently, so my laptop must stay healthy. :)

  2. jaa ik kijk hier ook naar uit, zelfgemaakte goulash bij jullie in de tuin..aftellen..