donderdag 16 september 2010

I'm back!

After 1 month of extreme hard working ...

We have one temporary kitchen on a new place in the house:

And we have a new concrete floor, we have two new basements(we've never had but where I'm always dreamed of) we have a extension of the house and a dining room that we've never had.

So the vacation is over and now we are very tired.Our body's hurt all over and we fell ourselves very old when we have to stand up...but it was it all worth.

Look with me! This is our new dining room..he is not ready but it is already a dream for me..:

Glad that we have rest for a while because the working life is back!!
And glad that I see you again!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Och Merel,wat ziet het er goed uit! Weet je, netzoals op van die oude schilderijen. Mooie potkachel!

  2. welcome back, sweetie!
    wat hebben jullie bergen verzet. ik ben nog steeds duizelig van jullie keldervondst, en nu deze foto's van jullie droominrichting, want dat schemert door, ook al is 't nog niet helemaal af. dit is een goed gevoel, niet?
    ik ben nog aan 't hopen... :)))

  3. oh wonderful!!!!
    your home is perfect!!!
    love the light too:)

  4. The dining room is AMAZING. I really can't describe how much I like it. It is like living inside one of your photographs, like the second-from-the-right in your banner.

    That series, by the way, is my favorite; I've been meaning to mention that for about two months, since we talked of exchanging photos.

    I've missed you so much. I just haven't quite been myself, and so I haven't been online very much. I am trying to get back into the hang of things.

    Your basement sounds glorious. We have a teeny, tiny basement-cellar that is about 150 years old and needs to be replaced badly. I'm so glad that you have a one.

    Take care, dear friend. :)

  5. It is good to see you again! I love your kitchen already even though it is not yet finished. It looks very rustic, and I really like that. Cheers~

  6. your home looks beautiful!!! love your dinner room!!