maandag 27 september 2010

Bizzy head.

Dear Blog Friends,

I have just to much things on my head.

Like these:

Nice Nice Autumn.
Archaeology things.
My job.
My volunteer job.

All my discovers ...It is to much.So thats why its is so quiet here.

But I want to show you just one thing. We (F and I) went to some archaology people with all the things we find during the building proces. That was really now I'm totally crazy of it and I can't stop searching.

We found some stuff below the floor from 1400-1500 and 1600.

Except that glass..that is something I bought because that is so special. Its a Roemer from the 17e century..for my work is it very special that I found this. You see this on almost every still lifes from 1500-1700 and now I hold it in my hand. Its time traveling.

Just like the fragments.. I've seen the whole peace of pottery by the archaeologists so now I know what it was..It is magic.

We found so much more...also whole pieces pottery. Next time more.

ps. I worked hard on my website its renewed if you want to take a look:

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Het blijft bijzonder..Nu ga ik even de site bekijken!!

  2. What amazing finds! It must be fascinating to unearth such things.

    Now, I'm off to look at your updated website!

  3. leuk, hein? dat is zo spannend...
    in brugge (dacht ik) is er een steegje dat me doet denken aan het schilderijtje in je post. het doet een beetje middeleeuws aan.

  4. Such great finds, Merel! I recognized the first picture, as my mother has a poster of it framed. We bought the poster at the Rieksmuseum many many years ago. The archeology under your house is very, very interesting.