vrijdag 30 april 2010

From night hospital to Long live the queen!

It was a strange day today. Yesterday I was on visit by a girlfriend and in the evening I get pain in my belly. I sad to meself..nothing strange just go on! It started about 22.30 hour. My girlfriend brought me home and I try to sleep..and just saying its nothing go to sleep tomorrow everthing is better!! But it didn't work like that I had terrible pain and coud not sleep. F. had to work till 03.00 hour so I walkd en creep around and try to find some relief. I had a dark feeling that it was something that I had 2 years before several times. I hoped not. But I could not sit, lay down or anything else. Yes it was painfull! F. came home and after 1 hour we go to the hospital. I could not longer resit the pain. In the hospital came out where I was afraid for : Again after 2 years rest I had gallstones!!! So they give me 2 very big inject in my buttocks and about 05.15 the pain finally go's away and we get to home to go and sleep... Next week to the doctor and than I need a surgery..but thats later.Now I just wanted to sleep and hope on a wonderfull day because it was Queensday today!! A day we both looking forward... luckey we slept good and after a gallstones free dieet breakfast we go to our one and only one Queensday city!!

The second picture is a picture of me as the Queen. Our Queen hats are famous in Holland! We had to give some free gived to get this picture..It was funny to do. Dont you think I will be a good Queen?

In whole Netherland are party's on this day.In every village and town there is festivity to celebrate the Queens birthday. We do this all a very long time and we dutch people love it. Everybody is a little bit crazy on this day. Every town has different things to do. We always go to this town because we love it there. Its not to big and still big enough to be there for a couple houres.

Fortunately we had a great day...in my bag the suppositories for the pain but really we had a great day. And tomorrow has enough on his own worries!

You all have a great weekend!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Och meid, het is dat het zo laat is, anders had ik je even gebeld.. heftig :(
    maar wel hele mooie plaatjes van een hele mooie dag, toch nog.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the gallstones. A lot of women in my maternal family have had them, but I haven't ... YET! I hope that the medicine keeps you pain-free until you have the surgery.

    It's so interesting to learn about Queensday. You'd make an excellent queen. ;-)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  3. You are so pretty! :) Happy that you felt well enough to enjoy Queensday (looks like -so- much fun) and I hope that you continue to feel better. Sending you many well wishes!

  4. Tjonge, vervelend dat je zo ziek was. Ben blij dat het nu beter gaat.
    Jullie koninginnedag ziet er gezellig uit!

  5. OOOh ! I hope you're better now ! ;-)))))))