woensdag 7 april 2010

Corner view: Vending machines

When I'm thinking about this theme I can only think of that great gumballs machine from my childhood. But I grow up and now I know its not healty for you all that sugar! That's why I have a new "machine" I think you can make me happy with a gumballstree. Because what's growing on the tree is good for you?! Don't you think?

So There is a song which I love and its called : the gumballstree. Its a dutch song and it make's me happy. Here is a picture from how it has to look my "vending tree"

I hope you love my creation and want to buy for free a nice healty gumball.
Have a nice and happy day!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Geweldig! Een kauwgomballenboom en dan inhet echie :)

  2. oe daar wil ik de hele dag wel onder liggen..

  3. ha ha ha. nice try (maar toch niet gezond, hoor... of wel? ;)

  4. Love that! The song is so adorable. I wish there was a gumball tree too.


  5. where can i get me one of those?;)
    p.s. happy birthday!