zaterdag 30 januari 2010

O happy day ...

The weather was cold and I enjoying every moment of the day. It was a spoil time day. I had all the time of the world. With the coal stove on and the snow outside, with a lot of magazines and food I can stay the hole day in.
Even when I was outside to go shopping for the weekend in the supermarket I enjoy that moment. I was shopping with my girlfriend nex door and we discuss a lot of things. We looking together in nice food magazines and we make each other crazy with all these nice recipes.
It was a friendly day. In the evening my girlfriend from next village came over and we watch the movie: As it is in heaven!
Again! Its not boring for me. I can watch movies for 13 times.
What a lovely day again!
I wish you all a great weekend!

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  2. That sounds like a fabulous day! I love the oven against the brick wall.

  3. The field office:Thanks! I love it also. And yeah it was a day that everything fits. You dont have a lot of this days. Have a great weekend!